The Conference PluginThe Conference Plugin

The Conference Plugin

Manage speaker and schedule information for your event. This plugin lets you use WordPress to track information about your multi-day, multi-faceted, multi-talented event, be it a conference or a festival or a tournament.

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The Conference AppThe Conference App

The Conference App

An add-on to The Conference Plugin, this takes your conference data and generates a Sencha Touch mobile web app, using HTML5 technologies and CSS3 transitions to get a native app feel.

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My Conference ScheduleMy Conference Schedule

My Conference Schedule

Another popular add-on to The Conference Plugin, that allows logged in users to bookmark speakers & sessions and make their own customized event schedule.

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This add-on to The Conference Plugin, allows the event planner to define custom sponsorship levels, and indicate which of them get an image and/or a link to their website. They can then attach sponsors to their event, as well as to individual sessions. This plugin is fully integrated with both The Conference Plugin and The Conference App.

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Formidable PlusFormidable Plus

Formidable Plus

An extension to Formidable Pro – a great forms-building plugin for WordPress – that adds a `table` field type, allowing people to fill data in tabular form.

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The Explorer AppThe Explorer App

The Explorer App

Let’s face it, not all of the people coming to your event are using the latest Smart Phones. You can still give them an app-like experience viewing your event information on their desktop computers.

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poMMo PluspoMMo Plus

poMMo Plus

Removes the clunky subscriber management page of poMMo for WordPress and replaces it with a sleek new interface that feels and works like a web app. Instantly search your subscriber list, even if it’s 1000′s of records.

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Top Quark ArchitectureTop Quark Architecture

Top Quark Architecture

Though this might end up being your favourite new Gallery plugin, this plugin’s real purpose is much more.  It is the framework on which other Top Quark plugins have been built – a framework that allows for highly customizable database-driven plugins to be written quickly.

Self Hosted PluginsSelf Hosted Plugins

Self Hosted Plugins

When I first went to host my plugins on my own site, I was surprised that there wasn’t anything out there to help me with the tricky job of deploying updates. WordPress has updating built into it, but it’s not easy to apply that to plugins hosted on your own site.

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