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Pretty urls

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6:54 am
December 12, 2011



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I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong, or if there is more settings to use pretty url's….


For example my program page has the url  (simply in a page named “program-2011″ )



all good, but when I click on a speaker name it brings to



is there a way to improve or customize the way it looks ?


I specially get rid of “artist” that my clients will not like for this project, guess I can do that by looking for the parameter passed with the plugin…. but indeed I'll prefer a






12:23 pm
December 12, 2011

Top Quark


Post edited 12:24 pm – December 12, 2011 by Top Quark

Hi Julien,

Unfortunately at this time, that’s what the URLs look like.  I don’t have pretty speaker URLs in there.  I’m in early planning stages on version two of this plugin which will actually make the speakers a custom post type.  When that happens, we’ll get the pretty URLs.  I don’t have plans on making pretty URLs before that. 

I know, I hate those too.  The “artist” is remnant code from when this plugin started as a way to manage performers for a music festival. 

The URL is set as a $smarty template variable, so you could at least change it from artist= to speaker=, but then you’d need to do something in add_action(‘init’) to set $_GET[‘artist’] if $_GET[‘speaker’] is set.  You could approach it like this:


add_filter(‘Smarty_Instance_resource_name’,’my_Smarty_resource_name’,10,2); function my_Smarty_resource_name($resource_name,$args){     $smarty = $args[0]; // a reference to the $smarty object

    $ArtistURL = $smarty->get_template_vars(‘ArtistURL’);

    $ArtistURL = str_replace(‘artist=’,’speaker=’,$ArtistURL);


    return $resource_name;




You can actually use the above filter to completely hijack a given Smarty template, in which case you could approach creating your own pretty url system.  See…..ource_name for some info on that.  But that seems like it might be a lot of work.  I don’t know how much resources you have for this project.

Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you at this point.  Version 2 is still months away.


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Pretty urls

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