The Conference Plugin

The Conference Plugin

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License: GPLv3

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  • Author: Top Quark
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    3 years ago
  • Requires WordPress Version: 3.0 or higher
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Use this plugin to manage the speaker and session information for your conference. You can input the data either in the easy-to-use admin interface or by uploading an CSV (Excel) file with all of the data contained therein. The plugin keeps all of the data from year to year so as you use it, you build a rich archive of your event’s history.

This plugin was born when I was running a small folk festival in Southern Ontario. I needed a way to manage all of the artists and schedules for the festival. It has since grown in into a highly-customizable, scalable and powerful tool for managing any multi-day, multi-talented (i.e. lots of speakers or artists), multi-scheduled (i.e. several venues, lots of scheduling within the event) event. It has been used for conferences and festivals.

Taking into consideration that different events have different vocabularies, you can define your event’s vocabulary right on the settings page. For example, a Festival has Artists and Shows, but a Conference has Speakers and Sessions. No problem.

You can define multiple schedules within your event. Perfect for conferences with different streams or festivals with a daytime schedule and an evening schedule.

For larger events with lots of data, I recommend enabling the cache (also on the settings page). This will greatly speed up the rendering and reduce load on your server (crucial for shared hosting environments).

Adding your event’s lineup to a page is as simple as inserting the shortcode [the_conference_lineup]. This will take the lineup from the current year’s event and output on the page. When you drill-down to a speaker’s page, you see immediately where they’re appearing over the course of your event.

Adding your event’s schedule to a page is as simple as inserting the shortcode [the_conference_schedule]. This will output a grid view of your event’s schedule, with all of the names clickable (takes you to the speaker’s page) and the session titles clickable (takes you to a description of the session).

The plugin is built on the Top Quark Architecture, and includes a wealth of hooks available to allow you to change all sorts of things. By writing an add-on plugin, or hiring me to do it for you 😉 you can add extra fields for your speakers, change the templates for any of the views and lots more. I’ve used the hooks to add multiple language options, streams within a festival, twitter handles for performers and many other things. The possibilities are limited only by imagination (and, I suppose, budget & time).