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Customize The Conference Plugin: Quickstart

Very likely, once you get setting The Conference Plugin up on your website, you’re going to want to do some customization work. Things like adding extra fields to the Speakers or Sessions, or changing the layout of the schedule or speaker pages.

This sort of work is done by creating a custom add-on plugin that uses the hooks provided within The Conference Plugin to make these changes without having to touch the original source code. Leaving the ...

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Mitch Podolak, Digging Roots, Rock & Roll

The ongoing saga of my lousy week.

There are things to be said about Mitch Podolak. If you don’t know him, you know someone who knows him. Pretty much anywhere music festivals happen. He started the Winnipeg Folk Festival and invented my father’s stage persona, Curly Boy Stubbs. Mitch also happens to be one of the best BBQ smokers around and has engineered a pretty ...

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Welcome Back Carter (sic)

I’ve just dealt, for the first time ever, with complete system failure. I don’t ever want to deal with it again.

For about a year I’ve been running my own dedicated server, hosted by iWeb. For about a year, everything has been fine.

Last week, as I was moving a client over to my server, the good people at iWeb noticed that one of my mirror drives was showing signs of failure. “Let’s swap ...

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Customize The Conference App: Quick Start

Congratulations for wanting to jumping on board with creating a mobile app for your event. You’re a forward thinker and you deserve glory and fame.

You no doubt want to build some customizations into The Conference App to make it your own. The simplest of these is changing the splash screen and adding your own CSS Stylesheet. The way to do this is to start your own add-on (or sibling) plugin that tells The Conference App plugin what ...

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Building Mobile Apps in WordPress

On November 5, 2011, Trevor Mills from Top Quark gave a presentation at the Toronto WordCamp on building mobile apps within WordPress. Topics covered included:

  • Differences between a Native App and a Web App
  • An opinion on the best Javascript framework (Sencha Touch)
  • An example app (using Top Quark’s The Conference App plugin)
  • A summary of WordPress hooks to use to build a web app
  • Using Cache Manifest and LocalStorage to take an app offline
  • An introduction ...

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Sencha Touch O’Reilly Conference App done with WordPress

All Hail the GPL. All Hail Open Source.

I’ve been coding for a long time now, but it wasn’t until I started getting into WordPress plugin development in early 2010 that I began to really appreciate the possibility of making a living creating “Free” software. The trick is that “Free” refers not to the price, but to the code. Releasing code open source gives developers permission to use, learn from, extend and alter the code. This fact came in very handy ...

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Adding Authentication to Self Hosted Plugins

Top Quark’s Self Hosted Plugins plugin is in full swing and getting used by WordPress developers across the internets to host their own plugins. It’s what drives the plugins deployment services here on

Because I’m charging (a reasonable fee) for my plugins, I needed to add in an authentication protocol. As of version 1.0.8 of Self Hosted Plugins, there are hooks that should allow you to have some authentication for your plugins.

Here on, I’m using ...

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Adding New Fields to a Top Quark Object

Plugins built as packages on the Top Quark architecture can be customized by third-plugins in a variety of ways. Top Quark packages make use of ObjectContainers and Objects. ObjectContainers know how to talk to the MySQL database to add/delete/modify rows in your object table and Objects are simply instances of the objects stored in the containers. This post describes how to add a field to a particular Object and ObjectContainer, allowing you to store custom information without ...

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Formidable Plus

I wanna spread the word that if it feels this good being used, then you just keep on using me until you use me up…
–Bill Withers – Use Me

Programmers get joy from people using their code. I learned this from Erich Finkelstein, the founder of the floundered start-up Conversagent, and my employer around the time the towers went down.

Here we are ten years later. I’m at the beginning of my WordPress plugin enterprise and it is with ...

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