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Mitch Podolak, Digging Roots, Rock & Roll

The ongoing saga of my lousy week.

There are things to be said about Mitch Podolak. If you don’t know him, you know someone who knows him. Pretty much anywhere music festivals happen. He started the Winnipeg Folk Festival and invented my father’s stage persona, Curly Boy Stubbs. Mitch also happens to be one of the best BBQ smokers around and has engineered a pretty ...

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Welcome Back Carter (sic)

I’ve just dealt, for the first time ever, with complete system failure. I don’t ever want to deal with it again.

For about a year I’ve been running my own dedicated server, hosted by iWeb. For about a year, everything has been fine.

Last week, as I was moving a client over to my server, the good people at iWeb noticed that one of my mirror drives was showing signs of failure. “Let’s swap ...

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