• 1. The Data CSV

    We’ll walk you through using Excel to create two data files, one for the people (i.e. speakers at your conference, performers at your festival or athletes at your tournament) and one for the event schedule(s).

  • 2. The Plugins + WordPress

    Top Quark’s suite of WordPress plugins for Conferences, starting with The Conference Plugin and The Conference App, plus our free architecture plugin are all you need to turn your data into a native-feeling mobile app.

  • 3. The App + SmartPhones

    The result is an app built on Sencha Touch that works in all Webkit browsers (iPhone, Android, Blackberry Torch, Safari, Chrome) and cross references all of your speakers with when they’re appearing at your conference and works when the phone is in Airplane mode.

    All of our plugins are written with lots of hooks to allow plugin developers to completely customize and build upon the app using the WordPress platform you know & love.

  • 4. The Price = ???

    So many times we’ve heard stories about organizations being quoted thousands or even tens of thousands for a mobile app. We think that’s ridiculous.

    The Conference App is $399
    and includes The Conference Plugin

    …you’re welcome.

Working in a technology driven fast-paced development environment, it's important to find reliable, effective developers to make sure your product both works, and makes it to market on time. That's why I will continue to work with Trevor Mills and Top Quark for all of my future events. He was incredibly helpful with making sure all of my little questions were answered, and his custom work had a very short turn around time for a very reasonable price. I look forward to building future event apps with Top Quark.–Austin Hinderer, Web Coordinator, Amazon Web Services

Trevor is considerate, approachable and patient...by creating user friendly instructions and taking the time to walk us through the process so there is comprehension–Kathy Cole Coordinator Artisans' Village and Community Groups Mariposa Folk Foundation

Trevor is brilliant and wonderful and supportive and terrific at answering questions and responding to what I need...Seriously - he has been incredible.–Suze Casey, Canadian Folk Music Awards

We have been working on the Mariposa/ArtsU website content for four years now. I find the software to be very user friendly, easy to navigate through, and showcases the content exactly how I want it to look like when published. I like that I can put not only information about the schedule on the website but also have active links to instructors including website references, which the instructors appreciate. I always found you very pleasant and nice to work with and always willing to help out where ever you can.–Jennelle Therrien, Mariposa Folk Foundation

Trevor is a partner more than a service provider, and the the integrated, robust web systems he developed drive eveything from our public website to various complex festival management systems–Gerry Hawes, Mariposa Folk Foundation

I want to thank you so much for the work you did for me and my clients recently. I know that I threw the assignment at you so quickly and without time for a thorough briefing. But you did a great job in pulling out the most important details of what was needed, and came up with some very clever code to make it work like magic. Everyone was delighted. –Alan Bergstein, www.alanbergstein.com

The Liberal Party of Canada was extremely pleased with the success of the conference App. Over a third of attendees downloaded the app.–Stephane Boisvert, Liberal Party of Canada